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The idea to create a Livejournal account was given to me by my friends in Modiin while small talk on the playground, where our children played. Since 2007, I have been writing and commenting on this platform.

Rabota-psy on Livejournal is an example of the self-regulated community where people for whom psychology is a hobby and a profession are interacting. I am an owner of this internet-place.

Here is the address of this remarkable community:

In the spirit of modern trends, it has not only a nice mascot but pages and groups in social networks, united well-educated Russian speakers:

Facebook page

Digest on Instagram

Vkontakte page

Instagram account

and of course,

a channel with materials for very clever readers on Yandex Zen

Some materials are undergoing the cross-posting between different platforms (Livejournal, Zen, FB, VK, Insta).

Our community is being updated 5-10 times per day, and all discussions take place within the comments to the posts on the