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PTSD: diagnostics and therapy

PTSD: diagnostics and therapy deals with psychiatry issues, differential diagnostics problems and psychotherapy approaches in the treatment of sexual abuse. The book is published in 2006 in Sanct-Petersburg.

Бермант-Полякова О.В. Посттравма: диагностика и терапия. СПб: Речь, 2006. 248 с.

About the book

The author emphasizes that traumatic experience not only the event, but the processing of event and the assumption of meaning to it. The sense of traumatization is a subjective point. The narrative about traumatic event usually avoidant, so a volume of traumatic experiences related to volume of silence about it. The dynamic of  its comprehension has three options:

- completed narradigma cycle,

- stopped narradigma cycle,

- disrupted narradigma cycle,

where narradigma - pointed by prof. V.A. Shkuratov theory about evolution of meanings. Psychoanalytic approach called the first option Ego Strength, the second option - Ego Weakness and the third one, PTSD, left without psychodynamic explanation.

Clinical vignettes and examples from Russian classic literature illustrate theoretical material.

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default-pic1The book is in Russian.