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Zen is a personal recommendation service provided by Yandex. It selects news, blog posts, and other online publications that may be of interest to you. The selection is based on your browsing history and stated preferences. Zen is an example of the implementation of a specialized artificial intelligence technology.

Zen analyzes what you read on the internet and adjusts the content of your recommendations feed to suit your interests. Zen searches the internet for content that will interest you — articles, news, and video — and displays it in a personalized feed on the start screens of Yandex.Browser and YandexLauncher. 

I get started my channel "Olga Bermant-Polyakova" on Yandex Zen on December 4, 2017. Before this innovative step, I uploaded my new essays to the official website

Since December, I write mainly for my author's column on Zen

To date, 200 new articles, essays and narratives are written.

After four months, it has 1,128 subscribers. 

My new book "100 plain-spoken essays" offers to readers selected wonderful stories from this channel.

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