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Strewed Child

Outstanding book of Ross W. Grene PhD The Explosive Child was translated into Russian in 2010 and published in Moscow:

Грин Р.В. Взрывной ребенок. Новый подход к воспитанию и пониманию легко раздражимых, хронически несговорчивых детей. Перевод с английского А. Смолян и Н. Музычкиной. Изд. 3-е. М: Теревинф, 2010. 264 с.

Years before this I made authorized translation of this text and wrote extensive neuropsychological and psychodiagnostic commentary for all statements of original book. The manuscript is known in Russian as Strewed Child.

About the book

In my work, I was interested in the criteria for "child explosion" in RIM (Rorschach Inkblot Method). 

Strewing describes disorganized perception, reality testing, thinking and attention simultaneously. The condition of two or three disorganized function is named pre-strewing. Treatment of choice for strewing is milieu-therapy and psychoeducation program for parents.

In the Rorschach test strewing looks like combination of vagueness in Developmental Quality, Unusual or None Form Quality, special scores of perseveration PSV, deviant verbalization DV or deviant response DR, rejection of the card and inappropriate logic ALOG or an excess from 2SD in one of the variables mentioned above.

The diagnostic formula reliably reveals untreated adults who was "the explosive one" in childhood.

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default-pic1The authorized translation from English and the Commentary to book is in Russian.