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Almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts

The book is called "Almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts". The fourth nut, walnut, is not present in the book's title because of the mnemonic rule, that helps clinicians to search the absent drive in psychodynamics.

The book is addressed to practitioners who want to reread textbook on counseling, textbook on personality types, and textbook on socionics from the new point of view, szondian heterodoxy. 


About the book

The author pays attention to the provocative questions, what kind of unconscious desire does dictate the choice to be a professional psychologist? How were named narcissistic persons before the theories about narcissism? etc. The most engrossing part of the book describes the core of addiction: a szondian heterodoxy record for it looks like a silence of e0 k0 m0 drives.

It makes sense to read the book only if you have already read the Pilot & Boatswain.

Russian books

default-pic1The book is written in Russian.